provides 100% Real Popup Ads redirected Traffic from Mobile, Desktop, and iPhone only. The user can select which site category he wants the traffic from (Adults/Mainstream sites) & GEO/Language.

How Can You Claim the Traffic Is Real?

Thanks to the RAV™ system, we have huge amounts of data from campaigns worth tens of thousands of dollars every month, which gives us the ability to monitor & locate the Real traffic sources and filter out the bots and low-quality traffic.

In addition, every click from RPA™- Real Popup Ads goes real-time processing through each one of those tests:

- Are you a human? Test
- Anti-Bot Test
- Anti Spam Test
- Anti-Proxy Test
- Safety check

Once an order is placed, it automatically creates a real POPUP campaign in real-time, which is designed especially for the GEO/language you select & it creates a tracker for your link.